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Introducing AllTrack, a new PRO with SESAC roots.

Aimed at the independent artist, Hayden Bower’s new performing rights organization, AllTrack, makes its debut.

AllTrack is led by Founder and CEO Hayden Bower, a long-time media and entertainment investor and former SESAC board member.

AllTrack, a modernized US-based performing rights organization (PRO) built to serve independent music creators, has announced the launch of its digital creator platform. Creators and publishers can join AllTrack to represent them for the public performance of their songs in over 120 countries across the globe.

AllTrack’s platform was designed with the independent artist in mind, empowering each creator with a uniquely simple, powerful, and transparent hub for managing all aspects of their performance royalties. Creators are not required to sign up as a publisher to receive their combined writer-publisher shares of performance royalties, and they always retain 100% of their ownership in their songs.

Learn more about AllTrack here.